Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan: 20 Things to Know Before You Visit

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Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan is one of the most fabulous destinations to visit if you value architectural themes. The city has grown to become of the most structurally developed capital cities in the world. The large, magnificent, and uniquely designed buildings in the town will take your breath away.

Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan: 20 Things to Know Before You Visit

After the recent renaming of Astana, most people have grown curious about this city. Therefore, most are dying to know what makes Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, so important. Here are the twenty things you need to know before you travel to this great destination:

  • Nur-Sultan was previously known as Astana. In 2019 it was renamed to Nur-Sultan in honor of the former retired president of Kazakhstan.
  • Nur-Sultan is the capital city of Kazakhstan. Initially, most people knew that the capital city of this country was Astana. It still is, but, given the renaming, Nur-Sultan becomes the capital city of this country now.
  • It is one of the most futuristic and fascinating capital cities in the world. As days pass, Nur-Sultan skyline continues to become more fantastic due to the excellent international architects in the country. These architects have made Kazakhstan one of the most preferred countries to visit. The styles portrayed in this capital are a combination of Western, Asian, and Soviet futuristic themes.
  • It is one of the best places to stop by and have coffee while one is visiting Kazakhstan. Local Couchsurfers offer sweet coffee that does not limit one to more than ten spoons of sugar. Therefore, if you are a lover of sweet coffee, then this is the place to be. Not only will you enjoy coffee, but also learn about the remaining traditions in this modern city.
Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan: 20 Things to Know Before You Visit
  • Initially, Nur-sultan, formally known as Astana, was not the capital city of the country. Instead, the southern city of Almaty served as the capital. However, in 1997, the then president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, decided to make the shiny and futuristic city the new capital of Kazakhstan. This was in a bid of showcasing the progress of the state. It was also meant to display the country’s wealth to the world.
  • One of the most prominent people who have profoundly contributed to the current architecture in Nur-Sultan is President Nazarbayev. The president is believed to have a considerable role in determining how futuristic this capital city should look like.
  • It is the best place to have a taste of Kazakh food. If you are visiting Kazakhstan, you need to stop at the capital and enjoy meals that are centered on mutton and horse meat. It brings us to the national dish of the country known as besbermak. Besbermak consists of boiled mutton or horsemeat, flat noodles, and chunks of fat. You will certainly acquire and enjoy this delicacy in Nur-Sultan.
  • It is home to some of the excellent tourist attractions in the country. They include: The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, Khan Shatyr, State Theatre of Opera, the Bayterek monument, and City Park.
  • It houses the National Museum of Kazakhstan, which is more than impressive. The museum has undergone recent renovations, to ensure that tourists learn about the transition of the people from Astana Kazakhstan (now Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan) from pre-historic to modern times.
  • Nur-Sultan has one of the most stunning buildings in the world. It has been compared to other beautiful cities such as Dubai and Singapore. Given its attractive Bayterek monument with a giant golden orb and the massive and shiny Khan Shatyr tent, one can see why it is regarded as a charming city.
  • It is home to the Fountain Circus. It looks like an alien spaceship that is ready to take off soon. It is another great tourist destination.
Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan: 20 Things to Know Before You Visit
  • The climate of Nur-Sultan has been termed as weird by many. In winter, the temperature tends to fall to as low as -40 degrees Celsius. This temperature makes Nur-Sultan the second capital city in the world to have such coldness. In summer, temperature can rise up to 30 degrees Celsius or 86 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It is home to the tower that represents the tree of life with the golden egg of Samruk. This is the Bayterek Tower. It is an architectural wonder and a great representation of the cultural identity of the Kazakh people.
  • Nur-Sultan is home to most of the people in Kazakhstan. The population of this capital city has doubled to more than 750,000 due to urban development. Despite the vast urban population, it seems that Nur-Sultan is not slowing down when it comes to establishing new buildings.
  • Nur-Sultan is home to the second-largest mosque in Central Asia known as the Hazrat Sultan Mosque. It is the largest mosque in the country. Hazrat Sultan Mosque was opened in 2012. It contains all the grandeur of ancient mosques in the country. It is situated next to the National Museum of Kazakhstan.
Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan: 20 Things to Know Before You Visit
  • Nur-Sultan has a Kazakh microbrewery where one can enjoy craft beer. The microbreweries are numerous, giving one vast choice from where they can enjoy a cold beer on a hot day in the capital.
  • It houses one of the most spectacular masterpieces known as the Fish Bridge. The Fish Bridge, located on the Yesil River, was recently launched in the city. It was a present from the Atyrau region on the capital city’s 20th birthday. Fish Bridge is merely beautiful.
  • Nur-Sultan hosts the Khan Shatyr. Khan Shatyr was unveiled by President Nazarbayev in 2006 and is one of the country’s greatest tourist attractions. It stands tall as a proud symbol of Kazakhstan.
  • Nur-Sultan has one of the most fantastic street wall arts. During the 20th birthday celebration of Nur-Sultan being Kazakhstan capital, street artists came out to share their creativity. This was expressed on the sides and facades of buildings in the city. When you visit the city, do not forget to roam around and capture appealing street art.
  • Nur-Sultan has the friendliest people in the world. Therefore, you do not have to worry about being disliked or discriminated when you visit this capital.
Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan: 20 Things to Know Before You Visit

There is so much to do and see when one visits Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan. You can choose to enjoy the street wall arts, visit the Bayterek Tower, the Fountain Circus, or sit back and enjoy besbermak.

Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan was formally known as Astana. It tops the list of some of the prettiest, futuristic, and most appealing capital cities in the world.

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Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan: 20 Things to Know Before You Visit