Lake Balkhash 2019: Complete Guide To Kazakhstan Tourism

Lake Balkhash 2019: Complete Guide

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What is the best time to visit Kazakhstan? What activities can you engage in while in Kazakhstan? Well, for starters, April-October is the best time to visit Kazakhstan. You can visit Lake Balkhash while you are on your tour in Kazakhstan and marvel at the wonder of the lake with both fresh and salty water. Other than this, you can explore the Charyn Canyon as you explore Kazakhstan’s Land of Seven Rivers.

Lake Balkhash 2019: Complete Guide To Kazakhstan Tourism

The Kazakhstan government has embarked on a mission to promote local and international tourism in the country. One initiative towards achieving a vibrant tourism sector in this country is the State Program of Tourism Development for 2019-2025. This program aims at digitizing the tourism market so as to make it efficient for touristы. This piece is a complete guide to Kazakhstan tourism with a special focus on Lake Balkhash.

Lake Balkhash

Lake Balkhash surprises most people because of the half-salty half-fresh water trait that is unique. This trait is brought about by a narrow strait of water with a unique chemical composition that separates the fresh water from the salty water.

This lake is situated in the Almaty, Zhambyl and Karaganda regions, South-East of Kazakhstan. It is the 14th largest lake in the world and the second biggest perennial salt lake. The Western part of the lake has more freshwater while the Eastern part is brackish.

How large is Lake Balkhash?

The lake sits on an 18,200 square kilometers of land. This lake has a 605 km length, width ranging from 9 to 74 kilometers, 26.5 meters as its maximum depth, 105 cubic kilometers in volume, and an average depth of 5.8 meters.

The lake is rocky and high as you approach its Northern banks. You can easily spot a lot of ancient rock-cut marks there. At one point in time, Lake Balkhash was a great breeding ground for marine life with over 20 species of fish in this lake. Unfortunately, some fish species died because of depreciating quality of the water in the lake over time. Luckily, some fish species were re-introduced into the lake. Some of these species include Sazan, eastern bream, sturgeon, Aral barbell, and Pike.

Lake Balkhash 2019: Complete Guide To Kazakhstan Tourism

This lake is fed by a number of rivers. The Eastern part is fed by rivers Aqsū, Qaratal, Lepsi, and Ayagoz. This is the saline part of the lake. The Western part, on the other hand, is fed by a couple of rivers, including Ili River, which brings much of the freshwater and colourful deposits that enhances the appearance of the lake. In spite of its size and partial salinity, Lake Balkhash freezes between November and April making May to October the best time to visit the lake. The best time to swim in this lake is between June and September because the water temperatures are favorable.


There are a lot of activities that you can do while in Lake Balkhash, beginning with camping, fishing, photography to swimming, sailing and diving.


The bright blue coloured waters of Lake Balkhash provide a good surface for sailing and yachting. Its good winds and expansive surface couple with scenic views beyond where the eyes can see, gives every sailor a reason to yearn for the next voyage. This has made it a popular boating spot in the region and people cannot get enough of it.


Both amateurs and professional anglers visit this location for fishing; this is in spite of the dwindling fish population in the lake. People come with their hooks and bait with the hope of catching a fish.


You can get accommodation around the lake from as low as $27 to $303.

Lake Balkhash 2019: Complete Guide To Kazakhstan Tourism

So, how wealthy is Kazakhstan? It is very wealthy, especially in natural resources. Lake Balkhash is one of these resources. The next time you are planning a tour to the Asian country of Kazakhstan, it is important to include this lake in your must-visit locations. Get to experience all the beauty that is in Lake Balkhash. Ensure that you visit it during at the right time so that you get to swim in the lake and do much of the sporting activities available.

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